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Welcome To The Goodo Page! :)
How are you all? oooh that's goodo then. well this is the funky page that i've got. i really dislike the backround. it's pretty damn pathetic. but i can't be bothered making an effort and finding a goodo better site to go by. so i'll stick with this gay blue shit. anywayz, this is the page. and u can look @ the page. so YES! i shall cyaz all lata aligataz! in a while crocodilez.

Bec :)
Umm... i have no idea what's supposed to go here. So, greateo. Don't look over on this bit. See i'll put the goodo stuff on other pages ya see. These people have no common sense.
This thing is full of useless spaces.

Umm... yes.
Well this is another bit of something useless and pretty damn gay.
No. No e-mail.

Yes. That's right. Suuuure.
Ummm... ok then.

This is a Fenton the Death Sheep from Hell.
Adding captions makes my pictures more interesting. Yeeeees. That's what THEY say. Well. This is the Death Sheep, Fenton. His website is currently down, probably some conspiracy to foil his plans of world domination, but when it's back up i will make sure that you all view it and start following the society of Fenton.
Do not send e-mail.

um. meow?